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APRIL 2024

NEW HORIZONS: Moscow Business Ombudsman SIGNED A PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT WITH THE Worldwide Association of entrepreneurs of Eurasia and Africa


Moscow Business Ombudsman Tatyana Mineeva and Irina Gurnitskaya, Chairman of the Board of WORLDWIDE AEEA FZ-LLC in Ras Al Khaimah, signed a co-operation agreement at the World of Opportunities Forum in the UAE.

The purpose of the agreement is to support the development of entrepreneurial activity in Moscow and the United Arab Emirates, create a favourable business climate, monitor business conditions and increase social activity.

WORLDWIDE AEEA FZ-LLC's main objective is to create an open business space where participants can form mutually beneficial partnerships and open access to experience, resources and information on doing business by entrepreneurs from different countries. The Association's unspoken motto is "strengthening co-operation between countries through business diplomacy".

WORLDWIDE AEEA advises Russian export companies on how to do business in the UAE, Eurasia and Africa, registers businesses in free economic zones, provides client and partner recruitment services, and assists in marketing the products of Russian and CIS producers in the above markets.

Source: https://business-ombudsman.mos.ru/presscenter/news/detail/novye-gorizonty-upolnomochennyy-po-zashchite-prav-predprinimateley-moskvy-podpisala-soglashenie-o-partnerstve-s-associaciey-predprinimateley-evrazii-i-afriki-.html?ysclid=lvfep66n2l311571151
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